Recording 2020-08-20


11:03:38 From Ulle Endriss : QUESTION: Is this how I ask a question?

11:03:48 From Ulle Endriss : Yes!

11:30:50 From Peter van Emde Boas : Question: how about the Shamir scheme where the arguments are not public but secret between the dealer and the individual users?

11:35:28 From Toby Walsh : Thanks Arkadi

11:44:52 From Ulle Endriss : I’ll call people back in a minute…

11:50:34 From Toby Walsh : There’s some banging on the audio. Can it be muted?

11:52:25 From Ulle Endriss : It probably is something with Haris’ mic. Everyone else is muted.

12:08:14 From Christian Stricker : QUESTION: Can VER (easily) be applied to stable roommate matching?

12:09:20 From Felix Brandt : QUESTION: For voting with strict preferences, this rule will return the uniform lottery over all first-ranked alternatives (like ESR), right?

12:09:57 From Felix Brandt : Ok, thanks.

12:10:56 From Kunal Relia : what if only partial ordinal preferences are given? Does this idea still remain generalizable?

12:11:42 From Daniel Eckert : very minor comment: why give this particular name to a rule with this high potential to generalize various mechanisms?

12:12:47 From Kunal Relia : awesome. thanks a lot.

12:13:31 From Toby Walsh : Thanks Haris

12:14:15 From Christian Stricker : Thanks!

12:14:26 From Ulle Endriss : Thanks everyone!

12:14:29 From William Zwicker : Thanks, Arkadii and Haris.

12:14:36 From bahar : Thank you all and thanks to both speakers.